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The project boat is finished!

The project boat is finished!

The 445 Haines Project Boat is finished!

With a big thanks to Ryan at Cyclone Boats in Cairns for his help with the glassing, and my mate Rob Payne (and Joey) on the Gold Coast for his attention to detail and terrific forming work, we are on the water.

Click below to see the full gallery and the final specs.

Project Boat: the coaming build

Project Boat: the coaming build

1. This cardboard template illustrates our (finally decided) coaming shape.

2. We built the template out of MDF board because it's is easily used and shaped. The cutout that you can see Rob shaping here is the top of the coaming.

3. It's all about getting the right angle and as you can see, it's all in the precision. Any millimetres out here could be a disaster down the track.

4. Fitting the coaming template to the hull. This part took the longest of all because of the shape of the rounds and the need to be exact.

Project Boat: Cutting the hull

Project Boat: Cutting the hull

1. First step was to cut the transom for the 60hp Mercury.

2. Cutting the flange from the hull mould so that we can get started on the gunnel.

Haines 445 Project Boat

Haines 445 Project Boat

Fresh from the mould this week, the 445 Haines Hull boat project is about to start.

Stay tuned for updates as we turn the empty hull into a dream barra machine!
(Aug 29, 2015)

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